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Titanic: Limited 3D Edition Blu-ray Review

Despite a slew of solid genre titles to his name, and the general audience attraction to disaster pictures, James Cameron’s Titanic was, on many levels, a gamble – almost as ambitious and daring as the ship on which the film is based upon. At a staggering estimated cost of more than $200 million, Titanic could […]

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Battle Angel Still a Go for James Cameron

Back in May, James Cameron revealed that, after the Avatar sequels, he’s completely done directing or producing any more narrative films, claiming, "I’m not interested in developing anything. I’m in the Avatar business. Period." However, there’s still one last franchise for the filmmaker to tackle: Battle Angel. "We’ll focus on ‘Avatar’ for the next four or […]

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Hold Your Horses on that Fourth Avatar

Remember back in June when James Cameron announced that he would be shooting three Avatar sequels simultaneously? Well, now it seems that the filmmaker may have been getting a little ahead of himself. Indie Wire reports that Avatar 4 will not be a part of Cameron’s back-to-back film shoot, according to producer Jon Landau. Additionally, it […]

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Alphas: “Alphaville” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow… "Alphaville" might have had its fair share of exciting moments (I’m looking directly at you "Cameron shoots that stealth Alpha right in his stupid toe shoe!"), but it didn’t quite leave me feeling all-together satisfied. By the end, with regards to Stanton Parish’s mysterious hospital tech, we only […]

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