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iPhone 5 Camera Untouched Samples [PHOTOS]

The iPhone 5 packs plenty of new and interesting features, and among them is a significantly improved camera. To some less tech-savvy consumers, a transition from an 8-megapixel snapper to, well, another 8-megapixel camera will mean – in their eyes – the rear-facing shooter is unchanged, although as we know, there are plenty of different […]

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Quickly Turn Your iPhone Photographs Into Real Polaroid Images With The Impossible Instant Lab [VIDEO]

The iPhone is an extremely powerful piece of kit and comes embedded with a more than capable on-board camera which produces some wonderful images that can then be shared across a variety of social networks or uploaded to popular apps like Instagram for the world to see. There already exists a number of premium accessories […]

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Is this the Next Flagship Nokia Phone?

Two images of Nokia’s Lumia 920 have surfaced today, featuring a touch interface with 3 soft buttons, what appears to be a PureView camera, and (allegedly) a 4.5 inch screen. While the image is pretty clearly computer-generated, it’s not unlikely what we’re seeing is an incomplete press rendering. In other words; this probably is the […]

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Nikon’s Android-Powered Digital Camera Gets A Name, First Leaked Images

It wasn’t that long ago when we brought you some information regarding Nikon possibly releasing a point-and-shoot camera that stepped away from the norm with the inclusion of the Android mobile operating system. It seemed like a rather unnecessary move for a company like Nikon to go down the route of producing hardware that contains […]

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New Michael J. Fox Sitcom Coming to NBC

NBC has just signed a deal to produce a new single-camera comedy that will bring Michael J. Fox back to weekly TV. While the project was sought after by FOX, ABC and CBS (who came the closest among the other contenders), it was Peacock chief Robert Greenblatt who eventually won over Fox, who will produce and […]

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