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Avengers Assemble #7 Review

Avengers Assemble is a solid Cosmic Marvel series but a disappointing Avenegrs series. When you consider how many Avengers books there are on the stands, that’s not the worst thing in the world. Issue #7 is easily at its strongest when the Avengers are relegated to the background and the cosmic characters take over. Brian Bendis […]

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Official Avengers Initiative Game For iOS Hits App Store, Get Ready For Some Serious Smashing!

If you like your comic books, 2012 will have, by all accounts, been a pretty decent year for you entertainment-wise. The recent release of the Dark Knight Rises was a box office smash, and the accompanying title for mobile devices certainly wasn’t too shabby, either. Marvel fans have been treated well over the past few […]

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G.I. Combat #0 Review

G.I. Combat is one of those books that makes you wonder, "Does this really need a dedicated origin issue?" And the answer proves to be, "No, not really." Certainly, there’s no real need to showcase what happened before the soldiers in The War That Time Forgot started stabbing and shooting dinosaurs. Acknowledging that, issue #0 […]

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The Hunger Games Blu-ray Review

The Hunger Games was one book I intentionally ignored reading before seeing the film. I’d read all seven Harry Potter books before those films made it to the big screen, and couldn’t help but feel the sting of every little moment that got axed. While I adore those films, part of me was ever so […]

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