What Do You Think of Microsoft’s New Logo?

In preparation for its Windows 8 launch, which is being lauded as one of Microsoft’s most important launches of all time, the Redmond-based company has been revamping many of its logos.

Just a few months ago they updated their Windows logo with a clean, crisp san-serif font called Segoe UI, and today they showed off their new Microsoft logo, which follows suit.

The logo contains a slightly bolder version of the same font, but forgoes the bold letters and italics of its predecessors.

There’s been plenty of arguments already over the new logo – chiefly whether it’s excessively square, beautifully simple, or just plain boring.

Microsoft has uploaded a video showcasing the launch of the new logo.

With Microsoft’s new emphasis on rectangularity, like the tiles in the Xbox dashboard, is it certain that the next Xbox will ditch the 360’s circular logo in favor of a square one?

You can read more about the logo transformation on Microsoft’s blog, but more importantly – what do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Nic is the Editor of IGN Tech. He loves technology almost as much as Brand New, Boyz II Men, and TMNT Tournament Fighter. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

Source : feeds[dot]ign[dot]com

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