Game of Thrones: Two Warriors Cast for Season 3 is reporting on some cool new Game of Thrones Season 3 casting; two crucial roles in Daenerys’ continuing storyline as she works to make her "own way" to Westeros in order to conquer and claim the Iron Throne.

Newcomer Brit Ed Skrein will play Daario Naharis, a "roguish and deadly sellsword" who is a captain of a mercenary group called the Stormcrows.

Jacob Anderson will play the part of Grey Worm; a captain from an almost completely unbeatable slave soldier unit called the Unsullied. The Unsullied suffer through cruel treatment their whole lives, starting in childhood, in order to grow up as ruthless fighters.

Ed Skrein and Jacob Anderson.

Source : feeds[dot]ign[dot]com


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